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Day 54 – VA 607 to Buena Vista, VA

We woke up and hit the trail by about 7:15am. Most of the trail we covered today was pretty standard, winding through national forest areas, over small streams and creeks, and near interesting stuff. In this case we walked past the Brown Mountain Creek Community area (where some former slaves lived post-Civil war) and the Lynchburg reservoir. We got to US 60 around 11:30, where we got a shuttle to Buena Vista (after some minor shuttle shenanigans). We are staying at the Blue Dog Art Cafe, which has a small hostel in an upstairs apartment. It’s decent for a hostel. Continue reading

Gear – water

Here’s what we use to sanitize our water out on the trail. It uses UV to kill potential nasty junk in the water. I’ve been tempted to switch over to a Sawyer mini-squeeze filter, but this guy has done the trick in the past, so we’re going to start with it at least.



Gear – stove

Here’s our luxurious cooking stove, the Brasslite Turbo II-D


The battery is only there to provide perspective on how tiny this sucka is.

Gear – packs

Here are the packs we are taking.

Gossamear Gear G4.



It’s a frameless pack that gets some shape from the sleeping pad jammed in the back. It tops out at around 30-35lbs of packweight, which is perfect for lightweight backpacking.