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Day 54 – VA 607 to Buena Vista, VA

We woke up and hit the trail by about 7:15am. Most of the trail we covered today was pretty standard, winding through national forest areas, over small streams and creeks, and near interesting stuff. In this case we walked past the Brown Mountain Creek Community area (where some former slaves lived post-Civil war) and the Lynchburg reservoir. We got to US 60 around 11:30, where we got a shuttle to Buena Vista (after some minor shuttle shenanigans). We are staying at the Blue Dog Art Cafe, which has a small hostel in an upstairs apartment. It’s decent for a hostel. Continue reading

Day 22 – Hot Springs, NC to near Allen Gap

We woke up in the comfort of Elmer’s Inn and had breakfast with Elmer, Jesse (Elmer’s employee), and another thru-hiker named Firefox (or maybe Foxfire). Breakfast and the conversation was great. We headed back on the trail around 10am. The trail ascended out of Hot Springs pretty quickly.


Partial view of Hot Springs

The day was hot and summery. With our packs full of many snacks and treats, the going was a bit slower than our normal pace. We didn’t climb any crazy mountains today, but had some interesting scenery as we hiked back towards the TN/NC border. The trail wound around a cool old pond.


Mountain pond

Continue reading

Figuring out the food sitch…

Trying to figure out what to eat 5 months ahead of time is tricky, so we’re going to try to keep a fair amount of variety in the plans. Here’s a typical recipe that I think we’re going to rock a lot of…

We tried this one when we went on our “test” ~90 mile hike last year and it was pretty awesome after a long day of backpacking.


More food preppin

Vacu sealing up some breakfast. This thing goes from suck to blow! (Spaceballs reference for Brax if you didn’t get that)