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Giving back…

Doing this thru-hike is a largely self-indulgent adventure (but hopefully inspiring!). In the spirit of giving something back, we decided to use our adventure and this blog as an opportunity to try to raise a little money to help fight cancer. We’ve lost close friends and family (notably Rose, Georgia, and Tim) to this disease. We set $2185 as the goal to match up with the amount of miles on the AT this year. Here’s the gofundme website:

Note: gofundme does take a small cut but other than that 100% of anything you can give is going to the American Cancer Society.

Gear – stove

Here’s our luxurious cooking stove, the Brasslite Turbo II-D


The battery is only there to provide perspective on how tiny this sucka is.

Gear – packs

Here are the packs we are taking.

Gossamear Gear G4.



It’s a frameless pack that gets some shape from the sleeping pad jammed in the back. It tops out at around 30-35lbs of packweight, which is perfect for lightweight backpacking.

Last Day!

It is officially our last day of work!  (Technically, I will go back in November, but right now it is the last day for a good long time.)  And, wow. . . .what a feeling!  It is very sad to say goodbye to everyone for the short-term.  My job has been like a second home/second family for almost 11 years. It is an odd mix of sadness, guilt (for leaving) and excitement for what lies ahead.  I didn’t get razzed like Joel, but they do have a sweet map of the AT hung in our office to follow my every move!

I think it will be a struggle (at least until we start hiking) to get used to not having a routine. Employment has a way of necessitating routine. And, I love me some routine!

I guess though that we will be very busy with all of the dehydrating and training hikes that Joel has planned,


Hi Lutron people

It’s my last day at Lutron,  so some much deserved razzing is occurring…


This good stuff is courtesy of Ben Bard (from some Holler in West Virginia)

Figuring out the food sitch…

Trying to figure out what to eat 5 months ahead of time is tricky, so we’re going to try to keep a fair amount of variety in the plans. Here’s a typical recipe that I think we’re going to rock a lot of…

We tried this one when we went on our “test” ~90 mile hike last year and it was pretty awesome after a long day of backpacking.


More food preppin

Vacu sealing up some breakfast. This thing goes from suck to blow! (Spaceballs reference for Brax if you didn’t get that)