Giving back…

Doing this thru-hike is a largely self-indulgent adventure (but hopefully inspiring!). In the spirit of giving something back, we decided to use our adventure and this blog as an opportunity to try to raise a little money to help fight cancer. We’ve lost close friends and family (notably Rose, Georgia, and Tim) to this disease. We set $2185 as the goal to match up with the amount of miles on the AT this year. Here’s the gofundme website:

Note: gofundme does take a small cut but other than that 100% of anything you can give is going to the American Cancer Society.

2 thoughts on “Giving back…

  1. Rich

    As you are in VA…let me know if you need a break when you are just north of Waynesboro VA (Crimora, VA…the place is at the Crimora Mine), my sister’s cabin is just off the AT…about 1-2 miles.


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