Last Day!

It is officially our last day of work!  (Technically, I will go back in November, but right now it is the last day for a good long time.)  And, wow. . . .what a feeling!  It is very sad to say goodbye to everyone for the short-term.  My job has been like a second home/second family for almost 11 years. It is an odd mix of sadness, guilt (for leaving) and excitement for what lies ahead.  I didn’t get razzed like Joel, but they do have a sweet map of the AT hung in our office to follow my every move!

I think it will be a struggle (at least until we start hiking) to get used to not having a routine. Employment has a way of necessitating routine. And, I love me some routine!

I guess though that we will be very busy with all of the dehydrating and training hikes that Joel has planned,


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