Georgia on my Mind

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry I’m not as dedicated as Joel at updating the AT Blog. Instead I thought I’d post capsule updates as things occur to me. Since we just crossed the state line from Georgia to North Carolina, now seems like a good time.

Amicalola State Park lost power, so there was some negative foreboding on our first night. It was cold and gusty, but my dad built a fire in the awesome stone fireplace and we kept up good spirits.


The foreboding didn’t last long. We had a great first day and night. And the 6 days we spent in Georgia were pretty great.

Georgia was tougher than I expected. The elevation changes are much
more difficult than Pennsylvania. But, the scenery certainly made up for the tired legs. There were a lot of soft trails with big pine trees and gentle streams. As well as the all too often chute right up the side of a mountain.

I’ve always thought of myself as coming from the mountains, but Georgia really has mountains. And they go in as far as the eye can see.

Most importantly after a brutal winter in the northeast, Georgia showed so much life just ready to pop. We saw some flora not typical of the northeast (I’m sure my mom will correct me if I’m wrong). Lots of trillium–the only picture I’ve taken.