Day 128 – near Pinkham Notch to mile 1882

After much nicer night in our improved campsite, we got up and almost immediately began the climb up to the Wildcat Mountains. The first trail, up to Wildcat Peak E, was very steep, but didn’t have any major scrambles.


Nearly vertical rock on Wildcats

We made it up and ate a snack by the Wildcat ski lift / gondola while a nearby construction dude assembled part of a snowmaking machine. We went over a few of the other Wildcat Peaks and then descended to our last hut, Carter Notch. The crew didn’t have any leftovers, but we managed to barter us carrying a handwritten letter for a large piece of a blueberry cake. One of the girls working at the hut wanted to send a secret letter to the caretaker named “Young Bobby” at a campsite about 7 miles up the trail. I thought it was funny that the workers here in the Whites have to fall back to old school letters to communicate since cell coverage is so bad. We took our leave with the letter to Young Bobby in hand and climbed up Carter Dome. We didn’t think this climb was too bad despite being quite steep, also. We had some other mountains to traverse in the afternoon called the Carter Mountains and one called Height Mountain. We had some great views of the other mountains from them.



There was a pretty tough climb with a number of scrambles to get down from the Carters. We delivered the letter to the Imp campsite (Young Bobby was not there, but the other caretaker promised to give it to him) and then continued on. We intended to camp below Moriah Mountain, but couldn’t find anything good. We pressed on and climbed over the summit. We had nice late evening views as we went over it.


Moriah Mountain view

We found a tight camp spot part way down the descent. We are now roughly 5 miles from Gorham and are pretty much done with the Whites. Craziness.

Vital stats for Thursday, August 21st :
Miles hiked today – 15.8
Mood – psyched that we got through the Whites, excited to have time off tomorrow and Saturday to recover
Physical state – beat, without a doubt this has been our hardest section of the AT thus far and there’s not even a remotely close second
Smell – Outback bloomin’ onion soaked in ammonia and vinegar
Song stuck in my head – Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds

6 thoughts on “Day 128 – near Pinkham Notch to mile 1882

  1. AL

    Good bye Whites! Look out Maune! Relax, have a beer or two or five. Unbelievable 1882 miles. It has passed do quickly for those if us living vicariously through you two.

  2. Joann Adams

    Gee — sorry honey — can’t find a decent campsite. We’ll just have to climb another friggin’
    MOUNTAIN to look for one! You two are TOO MUCH!! No doubt you’re going to make it!

  3. Mom - Tapey

    Congrats on completing the Whites! Great job! In looking at the guide, however, the next section doesn’t look like a walk in the park! How’s that for a downer? 🙂 I’m sure whatever it is, you are more than able to tackle it and complete it. The views look wonderful in the photos. I cannot even imagine what they must look like for you. Soak in the magnificence! Have a restful “short” hike day and zero day. It is very, very, very well deserved. Stay safe and healthy. Sending more only-good-weather thoughts, more and more prayers and an uber amount of love. (Your previously sent sneaker wings should still be fine. 🙂 )


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