Day 130 – Gorham, NH

Today was a nice, long, and relaxing zero day. We figured out how to get on the local bus loop, which was filled with all seemingly jovial old folks, to get out to Walmart to get some random resupply items we wanted. Ahh Walmart, seemingly the one constant near every trail town. After that, we hung out at the local coffee shop and one of the AMC White Mountain hut crews came down on their day off. They amazingly smelled just as bad, if not worse, than many thru-hikers. Impressive. We did some planning for our last few weeks out here this afternoon. We then had some pizza and drinks for dinner and that was about it. Tomorrow morning we are grabbing breakfast and then heading back to the trail. If all goes well, we should have an awesome milestone tomorrow.

1 thought on “Day 130 – Gorham, NH

  1. Mom - Tapey

    You are milestone maniacs! Good luck! Be safe and stay healthy. Sending milestone thoughts, more and more prayers and lots of love.


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