Day 143 – East Carry Pond to US 201 (mile 2034.1, Caratunk, ME)

We left the pond and our nice site around 7:30am today and headed towards Caratunk. The sunrise on the pond was cool.


Sun coming up over East Carry Pond

The elevation profile on our guide today looked very flat and tame compared to most other days in Maine. The first 6 miles or so to the Pierce Pond lean-to were quite easy and flat (for Maine). We got there and took a long snack break. We knew we had some time to kill because we had to get a ferry to cross the Kennebec River. It runs between 9-11am and 2-4pm and we knew we wouldn’t make the morning ferry. We hung out a bit at the lean-to and then made our way across the wooden dam there. That was kind of weird, who makes a dam out of wood, other than beavers?


Non-beaver wooden dam on Pierce Pond

The trail after there still looked flat for 4 miles or so, but it went back to standard difficult Maine terrain, with lots of small ups and downs, rocks, and roots to deal with. By that time, it was pretty hot out and it felt like summer again. We got to the river around noon and were first in line for the 2pm ferry. We ate lunch and lounged around by the river waiting. The “ferry” is a guide in a canoe which is the officially sanctioned way to cross the river because it’s too dangerous to ford due to highly variable water depth because of a hydroelectric plant / dam up the river. It certainly looked like it would have been dangerous to ford as the current was clearly powerful.


Looking across the Kennebec to the trail on the other side

We hopped aboard the canoe with the guide and I helped paddle while Trippy took pictures and sat in the middle. The canoe floor actually even has a white blaze on it.


Paddling the canoe

After that, we had a short hike to get to the Sterling Inn in Caratunk. A friendly local gave us a ride there to save a bit of road walk. We resupplied and also got a shuttle up to the Northern Outdoors compound a couple miles up the road for drinks and dinner. The compound includes the Kennebec River Pub, which makes some tasty brew.

Tomorrow we are back on the trail and headed towards Monson. We have some bad weather forecasted here, but we are planning to hike through it at this point.

Vital stats for Friday, September 5th :
Miles hiked today – 10.3
Mood – good
Physical state – normal
Smell – aight
Song stuck in my head – Chocolate by The 1975

5 thoughts on “Day 143 – East Carry Pond to US 201 (mile 2034.1, Caratunk, ME)

  1. AL

    Glad you have some easy stuff. Hope you see a Moise, but be careful ad they are worse than chipmunks at stealing food. Be safe, have fun!

  2. Proud Dad

    Gee, the ferry is almost a “replica” of the Cape May – Lewes Ferry we watch everyday from the beach…….haha! Here’s hoping the weather holds out for you hikers. I guess the big K continues its magnetic draw. We leave one week from today to rendezvous with you! Woohoo squared!!

  3. Mom - Tapey

    Love the ferry/canoe and the blaze in it! Maine is certainly an interesting and scenic state, but the challenges never seem to end. Again, the photos are beautiful. Soak up all the beauty and serenity! Take care and be safe…particularly in the rain. (Even though we are wishing and willing that rain to hold off or hit other areas…not where you are! 🙂 ) There is no rush to get to Katahdin…remember, smart is not a race. 🙂 🙂 Sending more sneaker wings as the ones you have must be getting a little weary. Also sending looking-forward-to-meeting-you-in-Maine thoughts, many prayers and Maine-size ponds full of love.

  4. HA HA Heiser clan

    Kennebec ford is so cool. Read about it in the guide. Smart not to ford with full packs. I wonder if you can smell Katadihn from there. We are all so glad the finish line is finally in sight. Love to both. Hike safe and please see a moose but not at too close a vantage. Will you have a funeral pyre for your finishing sneakers?


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