Day 147 – ME 15 to near Long Pond Stream (mile 2085.2)

After breakfast in town, we got shuttled back to the trailhead by Tim (aka Prince) from Lakeshore. Cool dude, he totally looks like the musician formerly known as Prince. We promptly entered the Wilderness.


Warnings! We have about 5.5 days of food!

Most of the hiking today was uneventful actually. We hiked by a few ponds and bogs and had 3 streams to ford. The biggest ford was thigh deep, so that was interesting. Also, there was a moose carcass on the other side of it, so in a sick sort of way we saw a moose. Not what I was hoping for!

We passed by a few falls and stayed near water most of the day. It was pretty quiet on the trail. No big views today, either. A lot of the terrain was choppy evil Maine with a lot of small ups and downs.


We stopped fairly early because we hit our mileage goal and don’t really have any reason to push bigger miles. We found a nice campsite just off the trail right on the Long Pond Stream a bit past the ford. Tomorrow we have the Barren Mountain range to hike over, so it should be more eventful.

Vital stats for Tuesday, September 9th :
Miles hiked today – 14.4
Mood – good
Physical state – normal
Smell – day 1 of 6 in the Wilderness, it was cooler today, so not bad yet
Song stuck in my head – Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down by Fall Out Boy

3 thoughts on “Day 147 – ME 15 to near Long Pond Stream (mile 2085.2)

  1. Mom - Tapey

    Woohoo! A post from the wilderness…very cool! Glad to hear you are doing well; don’t know about that thigh-deep water. 🙁 Keep it up! You’re going strong and the Big K is eager to see you! (So are we.) Stay safe, healthy, strong and dry. Did you try the sneaker wings to get across the water? 🙂 Sending good-weather-and-wind-at-your-back thoughts, many and many more prayers and Maine-size love.


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