Day 4 – Cowrock Mtn to Blue Mtn

Had a very rainy night and morning. The tarp dripped a little during the downpour, which was annoying but not a big deal. I’ll have to reseal the seams when I can get some silicone sealant. The hike today was mostly off and on rain and mist…


Cowrock Mountain in the mist

For the most part the hike was a little easier today with no major climbs. We mostly hiked along the side of some fairly steep mountains and ridges.


We ended up hiking about 14.5 miles and called it a day. Tomorrow looks tougher with two pretty big climbs early on with Rocky Mountain and Tray Mountain, which are both close to Blood Mountain in elevation between 4000-4500 feet.

5 thoughts on “Day 4 – Cowrock Mtn to Blue Mtn

  1. Dad

    We miss you and and I for one am a little envious. I hope you can get that silicone soon! Were you able to dry out? The ascent loooks a little intimidating. We have been tracking from the book you sent and higlighting your end of day camping locations. It loooks like you are still ahead of schedule. Let us know if we need to send the next package earler. This blog rocks! Thanks so much for keeping us posted and we really enjoy the pics. We are just about to have our Easter dinner and willl certainly mention both of you in our Easter prayers. It is just glorious areoind here weather-wise, although there is a frost warning for tonite. Happy Easter to both of you!! Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen! Voistynu Voskres! Khrystos Voskres!

  2. Dayna

    Happy Easter Katie and Joel! Although I’m sure it feels like just another day to you guys up there on the mountain :). Thank for these posts as I really like knowing how your trek is going and how you’re doing. I hope now there is no rain for you for a while and good luck on the upcoming climbs!!! Be safe and love you guys!


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