Day 7 – Dick’s Creek Gap to stealth camp around mile 84

We hopped on the 9am shuttle from the Budget Inn and bade farewell to Hiawasee. We had a mostly cloudy, misty, and rainy day today. Most of the morning had threatening skies, but stayed dry. After a few more Georgian chutes, we crossed in to North Carolina around lunch. Booooom!!!


We then headed up towards Courthouse Bald, which has the highest elevation we’ve seen yet. Before that we took a few pics at a cool gnarly tree.



Power posing!!

The bald was quite a vertical climb. I’m not sure why it’s called a bald yet since I was the only bald thing up in there that I saw. That’s about when most of the crappy weather hit…


Heading up the bald into the mist and rain.

Most of the day after that was easier. We made a stealth camp off the trail after about 14.5 total miles. Tomorrow the weather looks better so looking forward to some good views of NC.

Vital stats:
Mood – most excellent
Physical state – strong like bull
Smell – manly
Song stuck in my head – Singin in the rain

4 thoughts on “Day 7 – Dick’s Creek Gap to stealth camp around mile 84

  1. Mom

    Again, thank you for the update! We sooooo look forward to them. Happy North Carolina-ing!! Looks like you have some serious climbing coming up today – Standing Indian Mountain. Please say hello to the standing Indian when you get there (and maybe share some food). 🙂 Wishing you a great, dry and sunny day and keeping you in my prayers!

  2. Mallory!

    Katie, you are adorable and I miss your face. I hope you guys are having an excellent time. I’ve been moving your pushpin on the map, don’t worry 😉


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