Day 12 – Grassy Gap to Hogback Gap

Today was another hot, tough, but really good day. We hiked out of Grassy Gap and continued up the big ascent out of the NOC. We could see the Nantahala Gorge where they do the whitewater rafting from a spot called the Jump-up.


Jump-up. Don't jump off

We kept going up and up to the summit of Cheoah Bald for more great views. North Carolina seems to have a spectacular view every couple miles.


Cheoah Bald

We saw our second one of these guys on the trail in the last 2 days…I guess they are enjoying the warmer weather down here.



After that we got some trail magic (fresh apples) at Stecoah Gap and then had a few tough climbs, notably one called Jacob’s Ladder. We had a little bit of trouble finding a flat spot to camp in the evening. The trail through NC is on so many mountains, ridges, and cliffs that there is very little flat land around it seems. We found a nice little stealth site a couple hundred yards off the trail slightly before Hogback Gap. We hiked about 15 miles today.
Tomorrow we have a fairly easy 10 miles and then we are going to hit Fontana Dam, where we are stopping to have a zero day (no miles hiked) on Tuesday to rest up for the Smokies.

Vital stats :
Mood – satisfied
Physical state – minor aches and pains
Smell – like the inside of a hockey glove
Song stuck in my head – 46&2 by Tool

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  1. Mom Hn

    Love your blogs! No need to eat snakes…packages are on the way! Sounds like the rain is coming your way, too. Stay dry (as possible) and safe. Lots of love, hugs and prayers packaged with this comment and with your packages!


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