Day 21 – Hot Springs, NC

We spent the entire day “zeroing” here, just resting and staying off our feet for the most part.


Elmer's Sunnybank Inn

Elmer’s Sunnybank Inn, the mansion above we are staying at which was built in 1840, has these great huge porches to just totally chill out on. So basically for most of the day we just relaxed on them, read, listened to music, etc.


Chillaxin on the rockers


One of Elmer's many bookshelves to peruse

Other than that we ran some errands, resupplied our food, and tinkered with some gear (new Sawyer water filter, our Steripen is flaking out). Hot Springs is a nice little town to take a zero day in.


AT emblem on sidewalk in town


Elmer's cat Muffin also took a zero

Tomorrow after breakfast here at the Inn we are back on the trail. Looks like we still have some challenging terrain ahead as we finish up with North Carolina/Tennessee, but it’s supposed to continue to be very scenic, so I’m excited.

Vital stats :
Mood – very chill
Physical state – rested up and ready to go
Smell – clean (mostly)
Song stuck in my head – Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

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