Day 28 – Overmountain Shelter to Mountain Harbour B&B (Roan Mtn, TN)

We woke up in the shelter and hit the trail to already balmy temperatures around 8:15am. The barn shelter was really unique, but still a shelter with loads of snoring, a sick guy (seriously not cool), and such. Not my cup of tea.


Barn/shelter from a distance

We only planned about 8-9  miles today to get to the hostel, but they were over 2 more balds. Both were steep and had some really great views.


Trail up Little Hump mountain


Trail up to Hump Mountain


Looking back down Hump Mountain


More of the balds

The rest of the hike was pretty but uneventful. We hiked down the trail and about .3 miles off of it to the Mountain Harbour Hostel / B&B. This place is really nice and a huge step up from some of the prior establishments that we have stayed at so far (no sarcasm). We hung out with some other thru-hikers (from the notorious Highway Shrimp gang… Don’t ask…) for the afternoon as more thunderstorms rolled through. We went into the town of Roan Mountain and got some pizza and milkshakes for dinner, which was also quite good. Definitely a great spot to take a nearo day. We hit a nice milestone today by leaving North Carolina for good.


Not sure what's up with the skull!

We are now in Tennessee only until we hit Virginia. Prior to this the trail snaked back and forth between the border of North Carolina and Tennessee.

Vital stats :
Mood – good
Physical state – rested up
Smell – actually clean for once
Song stuck in my head – Numerous songs from Throwing Copper by Live (one of the hikers we met today, Tanner, loves Live and said I looked like Ed, their former lead singer)

5 thoughts on “Day 28 – Overmountain Shelter to Mountain Harbour B&B (Roan Mtn, TN)

  1. Joann Adams

    So was your (alleged) resemblance to the lead singer of Live the best part of a really good

  2. Mom - Tapey

    Another state off the list and moving forward. Way to go Pointy and Trippy!! Hope the weather holds out for you over the next few days. Boxing up the next package tonight to send off tomorrow. Stay safe and healthy. Sending positive thoughts, prayers and lots of love.

  3. Heiser clan (not to be confused w/ Hatfields & McCoys) wave to TN

    The vistas here really give a fine taste of the varied topography of the AT. You rightly pointed out the dangers of shelters. Great in a storm but otherwise open air – the best. Katie use the bug stuff no matter how yucky. Buckets of love poured out on you both (to substitute for buckets of rain.)

  4. Jeffrey Saul

    so you were on hump mountain i have to ask did you hump 🙂 yo adrian!!!!! when are you gonna hear master of puppets i hope soon love u bro n sis tubing buddies


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