Day 52 – Cove Mountain to Harrison Ground Spring

We started off the morning with a descent down Cove Mountain with some cool views of the morning fog and clouds down in the valleys.


Views off Cove Mountain

We had some bigger climbs then up Fork Mountain, Floyd Mountain, and Apple Orchard Mountain, but none of them were too bad. They are fairly smooth still (most of the time) and are usually filled with switchbacks, so they aren’t as steep as they could be. We later passed under The Guillotine, a famous suspended rock.


It didn't fall

Later in the afternoon we had some nice views off the Blue Ridge Parkway again.


BRP view from Thunder Ridge

Another day of great weather for hiking. Tomorrow looks pretty similar.

The group that gave us a lift into Pearisburg is hosting a hiker feed tomorrow for lunch, so all the thru-hikers out here, including us, are stoked for that.

Vital stats :
Miles hiked today – 22.2
Milestone – I realized I have now lived in Virginia for longer than I’ve lived in any other state other than PA!
New trail name – Cowboy
Mood – like someone gave me a Virginia baked ham…mmm…ham
Smell – old Virginia baked ham
Song stuck in my head – Aeons by Karnivool

4 thoughts on “Day 52 – Cove Mountain to Harrison Ground Spring

  1. Mom - Tapey

    More great photos and another amazing day! You are really making progress. I note that the photo of Katie under the Guillotine Rock is taken from above. Did you climb up on something to get a better shot? If so, that sounds like something your fah-ther would do! 🙂 Another question – Why did you change your trail name? Why did you now choose “Cowboy”? (That’s 2 questions.) Inquiring minds want to know! So glad the weather is cooperating and hope it continues to do so. Stay SAFE and healthy! Sending hammy thoughts, prayers and lots of love.

    1. Joel Post author

      I took that photo from the trail, it went down to the Guillotine. I cannot divulge how I became Cowboy.

  2. Heiser clan

    Cool weather at night here in the southern edge of the Pocono Mtns. Hope your weather continues. Blessing you with cooler temps so the hike is swift and less of a strain. Love sent on cool breezes and clear skies. Pics once again amazing. Dad and I travelled through the BRP not too long ago. And know on clear day you can see forever. Great job. PA is in your sites.


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