Day 57 – Humpback Mountain view/campsite to Waynesboro, VA

We survived the night without any bear visits that we were aware of at least. We got some more heavy thunderstorms and rain overnight, which seems to be a trend now. The hike down to Waynesboro this morning was hot and humid, but otherwise pretty smooth, quick, and uneventful.
Our good friends Chase and Jen met us at Rockfish Gap (which was a surprise for Trippy) so that was a lot of fun. We spent the day cleaning up, hanging out at the Tree Streets Inn B&B pool, eating a lot, and enjoying some adult beverages. Definitely a really nice day off from hiking. We also avoided some big storms this evening by being in town again. Tomorrow looks to be an awesome zero day also. 

Vital stats :
Milestone – done with Central Virginia (longest section of VA), now heading into Shenandoahs
Miles hiked today – 12.4
Mood – very relaxed
Physical state – good
Song stuck in my head – Breakeven by The Script

1 thought on “Day 57 – Humpback Mountain view/campsite to Waynesboro, VA

  1. Mom - Tapey

    Wow! Congrats on making through another stormy night and meeting friends. So cool! Rest, relax, recuperate and have a wonderful time on your zero day! And then, back to hiking tomorrow! Enough slacking off! 🙂 Wishing you sunny but cool hiking days ahead. Stay safe and healthy. Sending friendly thoughts, prayers and lots of love.


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