Day 63 – Little Hogback Mountain to Front Royal, VA

We got up bright (kind of) and early to beat some of the predicted 90+ degree heat and 300% humidity of the day. We got hiking a bit before 6:30am, which guarantees that you clear all the spider webs for the other hikers later in the day. We had a few ascents and descents to get out of the park. We had a couple nice views from North and South Marshall mountains.


Marshall mountain view of Skyline Drive

We bid farewell to the park and Skyline Drive after crossing it for the 623rd (perhaps a slight exaggeration). The heat and humidity was really kicking in by the time we descended down to US 522. We hitched a ride in to town from a friendly farmer in the back of his truck. He asked how many bears we saw and how active they were in the park and then told us about how much of a royal pain they are to his livestock and crops. He got a 2 week hunting permit last year he said and he shot 14 of them on his farm. Wow…Mmm…Bear jerky.
We got to town and are staying at the Quality Inn. It was intensely amazing to take a shower after 5 hot and very sweaty days out on the trail.

Tomorrow mid-morning we head back to the trail. We’ve got 2 more full days of hiking in Virginia and then we plan to get to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, on Friday afternoon. So excited.

Vital stats :
Milestone – finished Shenandoah National Park, now in Northern Virginia, the last section of Virginia
Miles hiked today – 15
Mood – town-tastic
Smell – high quality
Song stuck in my head – Let Me Ride by Dr. Dre (we hiked through/over Compton Springs, Peak, and Gap today)

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  1. Mom - Tapey

    Another hot day ahead! Stay cool and hydrated. So nice of you and Katie to clear spider webs for other hikers. I’m sure they appreciate it! 🙂 Can’t say it enough…you are both super amazing! We are sooooo looking forward to seeing you next week. Get ready for bear hugs! Stay safe and healthy. Sending cool, sweet misty thoughts, prayers and love! xoxoxo


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