Day 91 – near Buttermilk Falls Trail to near Rutherford Shelter

We stayed dry last night through a few minor storms. That was definitely one of the nicer camp spots we have had.

Most of the day was very warm and humid, rocky, buggy, and sweaty. Everything is wet, including all the rocks, so it was slippery and slow hiking. Jersey is pretty similar to PA in terms of hiking, but perhaps a little more challenging because it seems to constantly go through minor elevation changes. We might have had a few nice views, but it was so dreary that it was hard to tell. We had one view of Culver Lake in the morning.


Culver Lake

We also hiked past a little coffee shop, which provided a morning snack attack.


Sweet treats

We hiked over Rattlesnake Mountain (didn’t see any) and Sunrise Mountain (didn’t see any sun) today. Otherwise, it was pretty uneventful. We somewhat followed the rules of High Point State Park in that we camped kind of near the shelter. I think they wanted us to camp right by it, but I think a quarter mile is close enough. Whatevs.

Tomorrow we are hiking a half mile off trail to Unionville to get maildrop #9 and some pizza for lunch. After that, we will continue on through Jersey. Looking forward to some hopefully drier weather.

Vital stats :
Miles hiked today – 19.2
Mood – pushing onwards
Physical state – good
Smell – Jersey swamp filled with diapers
Song stuck in my head – When You Were Young by The Killers

3 thoughts on “Day 91 – near Buttermilk Falls Trail to near Rutherford Shelter

  1. Mom - Tapey

    ROCK on, Cowboy and Trippy!! It was good to see your new post and note that you stayed dry-ish and are well. You need to keep on hiking now in the sunshine. If you stop too long, you may rust! 🙂 We were watching the weather forecasts for your area and willing the storms to go elsewhere (as if we have that much influence). Have a nice sunny day and enjoy the NJ scenery. Kick those rocks off the trail…but not too hard! Sending sunny, smooth-trail thoughts, sneaker wings, prayers and lots and lots of love.

  2. AL

    Your father is a nerd! So glad you kept dry. We had heavy driving rain, lightening, thunder and I worried about you two! So many snacks along the route – yippee!


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