Day 100 – CT 4 to Mt. Prospect (mile 1490.9)

Wow, we hit 100 days already since this insane adventure started way back in April. That’s crazy. I can’t believe we are over 2/3 done already.

Last night was a good night to stay in town, as we had some severe storms roll through. Power went off and on a few times at the motel. We binge watched American Ninja Warrior. That looks like it would be rad to try. I’m sure I would fail miserably!

Anyway, today was a total opposite of yesterday in terms of hiker weather. It was perfect for hiking. We had a nice breeze and high 70’s all day. Fantastic. I think it majorly helped break our funk by having an afternoon off and a beautiful weather day today. We road walked back to the trail around 9:30am. We had a few small steep climbs again, but they were easier because it wasn’t 200 degrees. We had a view to the north of the upcoming Berkshire range in Massachusetts. We’ll be hitting those this weekend. It’s nice to see some bigger mountains again.


Berkshire Mountains seen from Northwest Connecticut

If you look closely, there is a race track in the valley in the picture above. It is the Skip Barber racing school according to Google Maps. We could hear the cars screeching around the course for a few miles.

Later, we hiked along the Housatonic River again. This time we came close to an impressive waterfall.


Housatonic River falls

We hiked up past the river and camped near the summit of Mount Prospect in a nice pine forest. It’s another spot that would be really awesome if it weren’t for the hoards of mosquitoes!

Tomorrow we are taking a planned nearo and resupply day in Salisbury, CT. We only have 4 miles or so to get to town, so it’s really close to an actual nearo for us, not one of these 15 mile “nearo” days that we were doing in the past.

Vital stats for Thursday, July 24th :
Milestone – less than 700 miles left to Katahdin
Miles hiked today – 16.6
Mood – great
Physical state – normal
Smell – tolerable, and I’m going to shower again tomorrow, a rare feat of showering more than once a week
Song stuck in my head – Hannah Hunt by Vampire Weekend

7 thoughts on “Day 100 – CT 4 to Mt. Prospect (mile 1490.9)

  1. Proud Dad

    Wow. ……100 days….another incredible milestone for Cowboy and Trippy! I can’t stop thinking of your amazing adventure! glad you got a break from the heat & humidity too. Enjoy your nearo! Those Berkshire mountains in the foreground do look imposing though!

  2. Mom - Tapey

    Wow! Two milestones in one day – 100 days and less than 700 miles to go. What a crazy, insane adventure! 🙂 Have I mentioned that I think you are awesome?! So glad the weather is being more cooperative…now you need to work on getting those pesky mosquitos to cooperate by staying out of your way! Have a nice nearo day tomorrow. Enjoy your rest, relaxation and shower! Sending sunny, breezy, mosquito-repellent thoughts, many prayers and lots of love.

  3. Joann Adams

    You two are probably the only people I know who long for bigger mountains to climb! So
    glad you’ve had a break in the weather — sorry about the mosquitoes, though!
    Yeah — I’m impressed!

  4. lil' suz

    Fact: Paul Newman, actor + salad dressing maker + etc., practiced on that race track.

    Thinking of you both today and sending well wishes to Northwestern CT.

    Also, picking up the Lemon this weekend and will begin prepping it for September.


  5. sauly

    wow you guys are kickn butt we should go down those falls in the tubes one day remember where those are happy hiking

    1. Joel Post author

      Ha thanks Jeffrey. We are always scouting for good tubing spots. We would die on those falls for sure though, they are wicked.


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