Day 105 – near Bald Top to Dalton, MA (mile 1565.2)

We got a little more rain last night, but nothing crazy. The weather was in the 40’s this morning up in the Berkshire Mountains, so it was chilly for the first time in forever it seemed. It helped keep the mosquito swarm mostly at bay thankfully. The trail was still completely muddy and flooded though from the last couple of days. In some places it was 5 or 6 inches deep.


Mildly wet feet

This made the hiking pretty slippery and slow, unfortunately. We slogged through the slip and slide trail and made our way into town around 1:30pm. The trail goes right through Dalton, so it’s really convenient.

We are taking our first sweet, sweet zero day here tomorrow since Pennsylvania, so that’s really welcome after the last couple of days.

Vital stats for Tuesday, July 29th :
Miles hiked today – 13
Mood – towny
Smell – better than this morning
Physical state – normal
Song stuck in my head – Forget Me (from These Hopeful Machines continuous mix) by BT

2 thoughts on “Day 105 – near Bald Top to Dalton, MA (mile 1565.2)

  1. Mom - Tapey

    OMG. Did you check your shoes for minnows? 🙂 Your feet and shoes are due for some good dry-out time! Enjoy your day in Dalton! We’ll send some sunshine and cool breezes in the next mail drop. Rest, relax and dry your poor feet. Stay safe. Sending dry-hiking-path thoughts, many prayers and lots of love.


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