Day 120 – near Hexacuba Shelter to Hikers Welcome Hostel (mile 1786.6)

We set the alarm for 5am today to try to get on the trail and up over Mount Cube before the worst of the storms. It started to drizzle around 4:40am, so we didn’t quite beat all the rain. We climbed up Cube, which was rocky and very exposed. The wind was gusting pretty heavily by this time. We had a slow and wet descent down off of the mountain. The rain was off and on throughout most of the morning, but the wind kept blowing hard. We trudged through it. The trail was pretty deserted for obvious reasons. By lunch, it was pouring, blowing everywhere, and getting very cold. We slogged through the remaining 5 miles or so and road walked about a half mile to the hostel. It was pretty full of hikers staying dry, but we managed to get a bunk and dry out for a bit. The wind and storms only got worse, as two nearby huge tree limbs came down while we hung out in the hostel. One of them, the size of most trees, absolutely crushed a large compost bin the hostel owner had built himself. Luckily, no one was hurt. It was nice to not be out during some of this intense storm, as it was not fun hiking through it.

On the positive side, we got the cards and care package from Will and the Lutron gang. That totally made a crappy day awesome. Many many thanks guys. Roughly half the food was eaten in minutes.

The storms have blown out, so tomorrow we head over the massive Mount Moosilauke, our official entry to the White Mountains. Other than Katahdin itself, this is the one climb that I’ve been dreaming about since we started this crazy trip. It’s over 4 miles up to the summit and nearly 4500 feet of elevation gain.

We are now heading into the final and by far most difficult stretch of the trail with the Whites and western Maine coming up in the next few weeks.

Vital stats for Wednesday, August 13th :
Milestone – less than 400 miles left to Katahdin
Miles hiked today – 14.5
Mood – thankful for the goodies and to be dry, psyched for the Whites
Smell – hostel clean
Song stuck in my head – Salt by Bad Suns

5 thoughts on “Day 120 – near Hexacuba Shelter to Hikers Welcome Hostel (mile 1786.6)

  1. Mom - Tapey

    Congratulations on yet another milestone! Sorry to hear that you had some tough hiking weather but glad to hear you made it safely to some shelter. Hope you are dried out and geared up for the challenges ahead. Be careful; be safe; stay healthy! I’m sending extra sneaker wings, uplifting hiker thoughts, many more prayers and lots and lots and lots of love and good luck wishes!

  2. ALF

    wow. amazing. glad you are ok. I know AL was concerned about the weather and you both.
    I love reading your posts and will miss it when you are all done.

  3. AL

    I’m keeping those church candles going to keep you safe and our of the crazy weather! Climb baby climb! So exciting to ascend 4500 ft. Have fun & stay safe!


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