Day 135 – unnamed gap to near Little Swift River Pond (mile 1960.4)

We had a few sprinkles of rain last night, but nothing bad. The weather was cold, windy, and overcast most of the day, with bits of sun poking through occasionally.


Morning light near Bemis Mountain

We hiked up the small climb to Bemis and Bemis Second Peak. The second Peak had cool views.


Bemis Mountain 2nd Peak

Most of the hiking was pretty easy for Maine (which is still pretty hard), with minor ups and downs, roots, and rocks to contend with, but no major obstacles. We climbed up and crossed route 17 at lunch, with spectacular views of Mooselookmeguntic Lake (no, I did not make that name up).


Maine has been so beautiful so far. Even on a day without any major mountains, there is amazing stuff seemingly everywhere. We took an afternoon snack at Maxie Pond, which had a little sandy beach.


Maxie Pond, bigger waves than Delaware Bay / Lewes

I waded out into it for a bit and it was freezing. It feels like fall up here already. Some leaves are turning red on some trees already, too.

We hiked to the campsite at Little Swift River Pond, but it’s a popular spot and thus was pretty full, so we hiked on for a bit longer and found a stealth site in the woods instead.

Tomorrow we have a short day to get to Rangeley. We are taking a zero there to rest from the super difficult mountains of western Maine. This should be our second last zero day. We also suspect this will be the last town of any decent size that we encounter on the trail.

Vital stats for Thursday, August 28th :
Miles hiked today – 17.5
Mood – good, ready for town tomorrow
Physical state – feet and knees feeling it from the constant rocks, roots, and elevation change
Smell – medium-sized moose
Song stuck in my head – Moments in a Life by Water & Bodies

3 thoughts on “Day 135 – unnamed gap to near Little Swift River Pond (mile 1960.4)

  1. Mom - Tapey

    Beautiful scenery, indeed! More and more spectacular photos! Thank you. Maine seems to be very moose-ish. Enjoy your nearo and zero days! Give those legs, knees and feet a break. I started prepping maildrop #15 – the final one – today. We’ll get it mailed when you give us the go-ahead. We’re counting down the miles and the days to the Big K! Woohoo! Be safe and healthy! Relax and rejuvenate for the almost-final push. How are the sneaker wings? Do you need another pair in the next maildrop? 🙂 Sending moose-ish and Maine-ish thoughts, many more prayers and lots and boatloads of love!

  2. Dad

    A lil’ walk huh? MooselookmeintheeyeandIrunlikeheck Lake? The waves look too big there for Mom and me. …..That’s why we are going to Lower Slower Delaware on Tuesday for our annual vacation. We’re currently packing for our stealth apartment in Lewes and Millinocket at the same time! Be safe you too. Don’t wear yourselves down. We’re always thinking of you two. Love, Dad


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