Day 136 – near Little Swift River Pond to ME 4 (mile 1964.9)

We had a short and easy hike today down towards the road. We passed by a few ponds and bogs and got there by 9:30am or so. We got an easy and quick hitch into town from some friendly locals. They gave us some good insider information about the town. Rangeley is about 9 miles from the trailhead and seems like a cool little tourist town. We got to our room at the Town and Lake Motel, checked in early, and then did our errands. We have a back door on our room that leads out to Lake Rangeley.


Google made this automatically awesome

Seems like a great zero day town.

Vital stats for Friday, August 29th :
Miles hiked today – 4.5
Mood – really enjoying these last zero days in cool towns
Physical state – resting up, feeling pretty run down at this point in the trip
Smell – moose in a fresh, clean lake
Song stuck in my head – Amnesia by Justin Timberlake

1 thought on “Day 136 – near Little Swift River Pond to ME 4 (mile 1964.9)

  1. Mom - Tapey

    Cool photo! It looks very serene. Hope you’re enjoying your rest time and using it to rejuvenate. Be safe in these last miles and stay strong. Mt. Katahdin eagerly awaits your visit! Sending more sneaker wings, easy-Maine-hiking thoughts, many prayers and lots and lots of love.


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