Days 137 & 138 – Rangeley, ME

We had a good zero day Saturday. ESPN2 didn’t work at the motel, but I got to follow the PSU game on my phone and celebrate the dramatic win nonetheless. WE ARE!!

We did a little canoeing on the lake and hung out at the small hiker festival they had in town.


Seaplane taking off on Rangeley Lake

The weather was predicted to be pretty bad with thunder and lightning, so we decided to take off and rest for an extra day on Sunday, too. The next section of trail has a good bit of above-treeline hiking, so we weren’t overly keen on heading back out in storms.

This is a great little town to take our first (and probably only) “double-zero” day. It’s definitely winding down from summer tourist season though. Tomorrow morning we are heading back to the trail to continue trekking through Maine.

4 thoughts on “Days 137 & 138 – Rangeley, ME

  1. Proud Dad

    Nice pic of seaplane on Rangeley Lake! Canoeing there looks like it would be fun too. We are packing your (very heavy) box for the last maildrop!! I can’t believe you two have been doing this for almost 5 months. Good luck for the remaining trek through Maine. See you in Millinocket in a few short weeks. love, Dad

  2. AL

    Very cool. Glad you took the e tea time. We had viscous storms yesterday and We thought if you two. Glad you were safe inside! Enjoy, be safe, and find a moose! Your song Amnesia made me think about how easy it must be to lose yourselves in the beauty and serenity around you. God is pretty amazing in His design 😉

  3. Mom - Tapey

    So glad you took an extra day to relax and recoup…particularly in light of the storm forecast. You are both such smart hikers!! I do have to wonder, however, about the canoeing thing when it’s a rest day. Dad and I are thinking we’ll have to stop every hour or so on the drive home to let you walk, hike, run, canoe, etc. so you don’t go too stir crazy! 🙂 Maine needs to know that YOU know what you’re doing and you’ll get to Mt. Katahdin! You are so close now; you must be hearing your names from the Big K. Stay safe and healthy. We are soooo looking forward to seeing you after your Mt. K summit. Sending Big-K-is-calling-you-and just-around-the-corner thoughts, many more prayers and oodles and oodles of love.


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