Day 1 – Springer mtn to Cooper Gap

Finally got started today after a big breakfast at the Amicalola Falls lodge. We signed as thru hikers #1187 and 1188. We drove up a potholed forest service road with Ma and Pa Heiser to the parking lot that’s about 0.9 miles north from Springer. We backtracked the 0.9 miles to the Springer summit, snapped a few pics,  then turned around and began the enormous journey to Katahdin in Maine.



Blaze #1


It felt great to be headed in the right direction. The day was mostly uneventful with a few minor climbs. The scenery is pretty cool but not that different from PA. Thankfully it’s not rocky like PA though.


We did about 12.3 miles plus the extra .9 from the backtracking and called it a day fairly early, around 6pm or so. We saw a bunch of other thru hikers today, but not as many as we thought we’d see. There was a little older lady thru hiking who we briefly chatted with who was hauling probably 50 or 60 lbs of packweight that we zoomed by. I really hope she makes it.

It’s pretty cold and windy in camp tonight, so hopefully we stay warm enough. No cell or data signal here so I’ll have to upload this later.

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  1. Jessie

    Awesome! Sounds like you’re off to a good start. Stay safe! Stay warm! You’re in our thoughts and prayers.


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