Day 2 – Cooper gap to Henry gap

Very cold and windy this morning, but the day warmed up and was really nice by lunch.


We had some nice sights today of the Georgia mountains…


We met some Georgia AT trail maintainers (Bob and Jan) and helped them carry some tools back to their house just off the trail. They let us camp on their property and offered us access to their water and wifi, which was really nice and random. We are in the Blood Mountain Wilderness area…


Today we hiked around 13 miles total and we’re feeling tired but good. Tomorrow we hike Blood Mountain, the tallest peak in GA. That’s appropriate because there is a lot of blood pouring out of my ears (just kidding Mom).

Vital stats:
Mood – positive
Physical state – healthy
Smell – oniony
Song stuck in my head – mostly that annoying “happy” song by Pharell

1 thought on “Day 2 – Cooper gap to Henry gap

  1. Jessie

    Awesome! Glad to hear there’s no blood coming out of your ears, Joel! 🙂 Stay well. Sending prayers and positive thoughts.


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