Day 40 – Atkins, VA to mile 563

We headed out of the Relax Inn and grabbed breakfast at The Barn, which is basically a diner-ish restaurant across from the truck stop near where the trail goes under I-81. It was pretty good stuff. We hit the trail around 9am. It was pretty similar to the past few days with rolling ridges and occasional farmland pasture/meadow crossings.


Farm and trail crisscross


Some ridges in the distance that we hiked down from

Today was probably one of our bigger elevation gain and loss days in this part of Virginia and it really wasn’t bad. The trail is mostly nice and smooth here, which makes it so much easier to cruise at a quick pace on. The weather was also fantastic all day, so that helped make it really nice. We started a large climb up towards Chestnut Knob and found a nice old roadbed halfway up and called it a day after around 20 miles.

Vital stats :
Mood – relaxed
Physical state – normal
Smell – whiff of garbanzo beans
Song stuck in my head – Magic by Coldplay

2 thoughts on “Day 40 – Atkins, VA to mile 563

  1. Heiser clan wishing you fair winds and Godspeed

    Doing a great job. Wind at your backs moving you on . Wow ! 563 miles. Seems like yesterday watching your backs disappear into the woods on Springer Mtn. In no time at all we will see your faces at the 901 Shelter. One foot in front of the other. Amazing what can be done and you are doing it. Zoweee!


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