Day 39 – mile 530 to Atkins, VA (Relax Inn)

We made our way out of camp and towards Atkins by 8am. The hike was mostly easy terrain, with some minor elevation change. We eventually started seeing farms and hearing the familiar highway noise of I-81. The Relax Inn is right off an exit and the trail goes through an underpass here.


Ridges and valleys of southwest Virginia


Small Virginia farm

We finished up the 12.5 miles of the hike around 12:30pm. We were surprised again by some extra maildrop boxes! Thanks Dave/Rach/Alex/Jacob, Mark, Cyndi, Mom/Dad, and (well ok fine maybe the last two weren’t a surprise)! What another awesome day of trail magic – we super appreciate it.

We spent the rest of the hanging out in this lovely motel and celebrating Memorial Day weekend. Thankfully there was a convenience store next door.


So bad without a lime. They had a slim selection, but it was better than no beer at all.

We are back on the trail tomorrow. We have about 4 days of hiking to hit Pearisburg, VA. That will conclude what’s considered the “Southwest Virginia” section of the state.

Vital stats :
Mood – thankful for all the trail magic from you guys
Physical state – good
Smell – like a tiny tiny bar of cheap soap from a motel
Song stuck in my head – Why’d You Only Call Me Why You’re High by the Arctic Monkeys

2 thoughts on “Day 39 – mile 530 to Atkins, VA (Relax Inn)

  1. Dad

    Great to hear from you again. What an adventure. Dare I tell you about the Dogfish Head BOCCE I had in Lewes yesterday?

  2. Mom - Tapey

    You both deserve LOTS of trail magic…you are truly incredible. Glad that you had a relaxing afternoon…and a beverage. Now stop loafing and start hiking again! 🙂 Happy Memorial Day! (Not sure when you’ll get this reply.) Be safe and stay healthy. Sending happy thoughts, prayers and lots of love.


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