Day 38 – Fox Creek to mile 530

Another night without Internet. Wtf? 😉 Actually I’m surprised this only happened now in Virginia, we seem to be closer to civilization here than in most of NC or TN. I can’t live without Interweb!!!
Anyway, we had a great day of weather for hiking. It was a mostly uneventful but really pleasant day. There were some neat cascades at Comer’s Creek.


Cascades at Comer's Creek. Our guide said to not drink this water. I can only assume ponies frollick in it upstream?

Most of the day was in the green canopy. Everything is getting so much greener every day.


Green tunnels

At one point we came out into a really idyllic meadow. Totally gave me some kind of nostalgia again. A different kind of trail magic for sure.


Loving these open meadows after being in the forest all day


Random Southern Virginia meadow

We ended up hiking around 22.5 miles today. Most of the trail was much easier tread today than yesterday. Tomorrow we have a little over 12.5 miles to get to Atkins, where we plan to resupply with maildrop #5 and spend the night.

Vital stats :
Mood – excellent
Physical state – tired after a big day, but healthy
Smell – worst potpourri ever
Song stuck in my head – Simple As by Kid Cudi

4 thoughts on “Day 38 – Fox Creek to mile 530

  1. Mom - Tapey

    Congratulations on another milestone! 500 miles is amazing. Makes my 4 to 5 mile walk seem really lame! 🙂 The ponies are really cool, too! If the two of you have to squeeze through Fatman’s Squeeze, I cannot imagine how tight it is. Glad you made it! Also very glad that you were safe during the storms. We had some very bad hail storms here. The skylight roof of the Berkshire Mall was broken from the hail…lots of car damage, etc. Most in the Berks County area. Now, though, it’s bright and sunny and getting warmer. Yay! Thank you for keeping us updated. Sending sneaker wings, positive thoughts, packages, prayers and lots of love!

  2. Matt

    Who leaves a pony-packed trail for a non-pony trail? It’s silly on many fronts…
    1. Ponies are designed to be ridden and carry backpacks.
    2. Ponies are food with hooves.
    3. “My Little Pony friendship is magic with benefits”

  3. A

    Should have brought a lasso for the ponies. it would have been easier. but then where would the challenge be? “I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more just to be…”


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