Day 42 – mile 584 to Kimberling Creek

We hit the trail a little before 8am to sunny skies. The weather threatened all day, but we only got a little rumble or two and some sprinkles in the late morning. We did some road walking (the trail took us that way) and crossed over I-77 early on.


Mountain pass on I-77

We had some minimal views later.


Powerline view

Most of the day was pretty easy and nondescript hiking. We ended up camping by this creek after about 22.5 miles. There is a small grocery store about 1/2 mile away that we hiked down to and grabbed some extra snacks and soda. Well worth an extra mile of non – trail hiking! Tomorrow we are planning to hike about 15 miles or so to a place called the Woods Hole Hostel, which has a really good reputation.

Vital stats :
Milestone – 6 hundo miles!
Mood – good
Physical state – normal
Smell – roadkill
Song stuck in my head – Secret Smile by Semisonic

3 thoughts on “Day 42 – mile 584 to Kimberling Creek

  1. "D"

    Wow it seems so weird to see a road in one of your pics! You guys are cruising along in the easier terrain it sounds like. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Mom - Tapey

    Another milestone! You are both awesome…I am sooooo proud!!!! Thank you for the birthday wishes. So thoughtful! Have a great day tomorrow…just a “mere” 15 miles! Stay safe and healthy. Sending even more good thoughts, sneaker wings, prayers and lots and lots of love!


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