Day 43 – Kimberling Creek to Woods Hole Hostel

We got up a bit earlier and hit the trail by 7:15am or so. The suspension bridge over the creek where we camped was neat.


Suspension bridge over Kimberling Creek

We wanted to get to the hostel around lunch time or so. We hiked the 15 or so miles and made it in around 1pm. The trail was pretty easy again through a lot of pine forests with many little stream crossings.


Southwest Virginia trails

Woods Hole was pretty interesting. It’s about 1/2 mile off the trail down a little dirt road. They raise a lot of their own food, livestock included.


Main house at Woods Hole


Mmm bacon

We stayed in a room in the house, which was very nice. The general vibe if the place was more hippie-commune than any other we encountered so far. Everyone was “encouraged” to help with prep and cleaning after dinner. The homeowners, Michael and Neville, ask everyone to join hands in a circle before dinner and breakfast and give your trail name, home location, and something you are thankful for before eating. There was about 25 people there for dinner, so that was interesting.  Definitely a bit different from some of the other places along the trail, but a pretty good spot. It didn’t hurt that Michael is a Penn State graduate!

Vital stats :
Mood – groovy
Physical state – sore feet, good to have an afternoon off of them
Smell – incense and patchouli
Song stuck in my head – Mind Over Matter by Young The Giant

3 thoughts on “Day 43 – Kimberling Creek to Woods Hole Hostel

  1. Mom - Tapey

    Did you jump up and down on the suspension bridge to make it bounce? Yikes! Woods Holes sound quite groovy. Did you wear your tie-dye shirts? Glad you had some time to rest your feet! Sounds like a foot massage is in order. Dreary, chilly day here today…hope your weather was nicer. Stay safe and healthy. Sending positive thoughts, prayers and love.

  2. sauly

    sure now you show me how to fix my bridge could of used your bridge building game still sounds like u guys are giving it hell wtg phillies r 500 almost lol playing mets so should be over 5oo by monday


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