Day 44 – Woods Hole Hostel to Pearisburg, VA

We ate breakfast at hippie land ranch and hit the trail to Pearisburg around 9:30am. Breakfast was delicious. We needed to head into Pearisburg to resupply and send back our winter gear (coming your way Packey and Tapey). Woohoo, lighter packs! We hiked the 11 miles or so and got to town around 2pm and did our errands and decided to stay put at a hiker hostel. The motels in town are apparently all sold out because they are occupied by contractors working on a large local construction project. We are some of the older people in this joint. The weather forecast looked pretty bad for the night with some big storms and heavy rain predicted (which hit the area in the afternoon hard), so it made that decision easy. It’s been super muggy down here, so hopefully these storms break that. The hike was one of the more scenic ones we’ve had in the last week or so, so that was cool.


Pearisburg from above


Crazy blooming

Tomorrow we are planning to get back to normal 20+ mile days in Central Virginia towards the next resupply town, Daleville.

Vital stats :
Milestone – done with “Southwest” Virginia section, now into “Central” Virginia, which runs from Pearisburg to Waynesboro, the southern entrance to the Shenandoahs
Mood – good
Physical state – good, two shorter days helps a lot
Smell – back to a tiny tiny bar of soap
Song stuck in my head – a medley of Billy Joel

2 thoughts on “Day 44 – Woods Hole Hostel to Pearisburg, VA

  1. Mom - Tapey

    We wait with bated breath (maybe we’re just holding our breath) and open arms for your winter gear! 🙂 Love the photos! Nice to have some good scenery to balance out all your hard work! Happy trails ahead! Sending sneakers wings, airy thoughts (to help the sneaker wings), prayers and lots of love.


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