Day 45 – Pearisburg, VA to mile 651

We headed out of the hostel by 7:30am while most of the youths were still snoozing away drunkenly. We had an extra mile or so today from town to get back to the trail. Yesterday we were fortunate enough to get a lift into town from a church group who is doing a portion of the trail together called Y-Wam (I think?). We have chatted with them a few times and they’ve been really nice. Anyway, we had heavy packs from the resupply. We just go nuts at the grocery store when we buy supplies and get way too much. It’s always fun to eat it all though after we lug it up the mountain. The trail traversed through a yard and then some wooded areas right by some industrial plants outside Pearisburg.


Yea right through some dude's lawn...strange


So scenic

We ascended out of town, which is always steep it seems. We encountered this little guy on the trail.


A turtle doing its turtle thing

We had a couple nice views from some of the ridges today. We were basically right on the Virginia-West Virginia state line on this ridge. I think we stay on the border for a bit here (but don’t actually go into WV for quite a while).


West Virginia off the left/west

We made camp after a bit over 20 miles. The trail seemed very empty today, just us and a few other thru-hikers that we have been hiking with for the past few days. Tomorrow seems like it will be a lot of the same type of terrain.

Vital stats :
Mood – good
Physical state – normal
Smell – weird old man stinky
Song stuck in my head – Sense by Pete Yorn

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  1. AL

    Turtle is always a good omen. It’s kind of circle of life stuff about the factories. The scenery has been so beautiful overall. I continue to light those church candles for your health, safety, and enlightenment (? whatever that may bring). I am still amazed at your journey!


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