Day 66 – Blackburn AT Center to Harper’s Ferry, WV

The hike itself today was mostly uneventful. It had some rockiness, but was otherwise easy. However, it was amazing to hit what is considered to be the “psychological” halfway point of the trail here. The real mileage halfway point is another 75 miles or so north in PA, but this is generally still considered being halfway there. So crazy that it’s half over already.


Midpoint photo taken at Appalachian Trail Headquarters

We were thru-hikers 695 and 696 that came through this year so far.
Virginia had such a wild variety of the trail that it’s impossible to generalize it really. There are smooth and rocky sections, easy and challenging, exciting and boring, etc., etc.

We had a great afternoon / evening hanging out with some awesome visitors, Aunt Linda and Michael. Harper’s Ferry seems like a really cool old town.


Lower Town Harper's Ferry

Vital stats :
Milestone – finished Virginia (finally!), now in West Virginia. Also, at psychological halfway point of trail.
Miles hiked today – 11.9
Mood – the glass is half full
Smell – Econolodge fresh
Song stuck in my head – Miracle by Ghost Beach

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