Day 67 – Harper’s Ferry, WV

Today was a nice relaxing zero day here in town. Aunt Linda and Michael left this morning (Thanks for coming guys!), but then my good college buddy Scoop came to town since he’s only an hour or so drive away. He took us to Walmart for some good fun resupply and out to eat. Thanks again Scoop! Otherwise, it was low key and we stayed off our feet as much as possible.
Tomorrow we head back to the trail. Maine is calling, but we have a few other states to take care of first!

1 thought on “Day 67 – Harper’s Ferry, WV

  1. Mom - Tapey

    Glad those feet and their owners had a chance to rest, visit and eat well! When I was outdoors yesterday, I heard a strange sound…now I get it…it was Maine calling “Joel” and “Katie”. Time to get back to the trail!! 🙂 So looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!! When you get into PA, give a shout out and wave, and we’ll wave back. Stay safe and healthy. Sending sunny day thoughts, prayers and lots of love.


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