Day 69 – Pine Knob Shelter to near Deer Lick Shelters

Today was a momentous day.



All the springs and streams are flowing with Yuengling (I was hoping for Troegs or Weyerbacher, but hikers and/or beggars can’t really be choosers and all that stuff). The woods are filled with the scent of pierogies and halushki. The roads are filled with Harleys and beat up Camaros. The people say “yous guys” or “yinzers” instead of God forsaken “y’all”. Ahh home sweet home. Funny enough, the first water source we hit in PA had a warning sign to not touch it at all because it had been contaminated with wastewater a couple weeks ago. Not only don’t drink it, but don’t touch it! Ha it’s good to be home.
Anyway, the actual hike today was pretty easy again. Maryland did its best PA impression and gave us a slew of rocks to hop on, but we laughed at it. We eat rocks for breakfast. Annapolis Rocks had a nice morning view.


View from Annapolis Rocks in the morning

Otherwise, it was a pretty uneventful day. The weather was great for hiking and it feels awesome to be in the home state.

Vital stats :
Milestone – finished Maryland, now in Pennsylvania
Miles hiked today – 22.8
Mood – home state!!!!
Physical state – strength of 1000 pierogies flowing through my body
Smell – like a Pennsylvanian
Song stuck in my head – Pennsylvania Polka

8 thoughts on “Day 69 – Pine Knob Shelter to near Deer Lick Shelters

  1. AL

    Woohoo! “We’re from Pennsylvania keystone state, we’re from Pennsylvania strong and great…”. I don’t remember the rest-thank goodness ;). Welcome home.

  2. Joann Adams

    Welcome back to PA!! But you’ve gotta tell me — where in PA do people say “yinzers”! I’ve
    lived in the Lehigh Valley (with a short stint in NJ) for all my (almost) 80 years & I’ve never,
    EVER heard that word!

  3. Dad

    Rocks for breakfast y’all? Do you want Fruity “Pebbles” for breakfast at our house on Sunday morning?

  4. Mom - Tapey

    Welcome “home”! One milestone after another and yet more awesomenness! Woohoo! Did anyone tell you we’re serving rock fajitas, rock chips and salsa and rock beer on Saturday! You’ll feel right at home…oh, wait, you will be in your former home. 🙂 Hike safely through rocky PA. Sending non-rocky thoughts, special shoe wings, prayers and lots of love.

  5. Celeste, John and Becca

    As I sit to write this I can only say “yinzers”??? My iPad insists it is yin zero. Yang – 1. Watching too much soccer. Welcome welcome to the site of idiosyncratic speech and idioms or is that idiots by the score. Geniuses are exempt youse guys. Those rocks are kissing your feet right now welcoming you to the halfway mark just insure they do not kiss any unprotected shins or other body parts. Did great guys cannot wait to stuff your gullet with fattening food. No haluskie but other things await. Showers, air conditioning, alcoholic beverages of your choice, free non coin sucking washing machine and sunny line dry and lots of love. Pat says yippee!!!


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