Day 76 – Duncannon, PA to PA 325

We hitched a ride back to the trail in the morning with some nice folks who strangely call themselves Packy and Tapey. They were a little weird, but pretty cool nonetheless.
We then hiked about 9 or 10 miles in the morning. At that point, Trippy wasn’t feeling well, so we decided to take a siesta and see if it helped. She still wasn’t feeling good after the nap, so we decided the best course of action was to get off the trail for the rest of the day and get some rest. We had to still hike another 7 or so miles to get to the closest road unfortunately. Pa Trippy was kind enough to make the unplanned trip to come pick us up. The plan now is to hunker down and zero to let Trippy get back to full health before we head back to the trail.

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