Days 77 to 79 – unexpected recovery zero days

We zeroed to let Trippy recover from feeling like crap. As the day progressed, it became apparent pretty quickly though that she probably had Lyme disease. She had all the symptoms and the telltale bullseye rash appeared. We went to the emergency room and the nurses and doctors took about 2 minutes to confirm that suspicion. They still do a blood test to confirm, but it seems like a slam dunk diagnosis. At first glance Lyme sounds very bad, but it’s actually really treatable if caught early like this was. They prescribed the common antibiotic Doxycycline to kill the bacteria that causes Lyme and OTC drugs to help fight off the fever and headache caused by it. So we’ll be taking a few extra zero days for her recovery. We should be back on the trail within a few days. A small fortunate part of this ordeal occurring now is at least we were within relatively easy driving distance from the comfort of home.

12 thoughts on “Days 77 to 79 – unexpected recovery zero days

  1. Worried Dad

    OMG….We are upset about this and are praying for a full recovery……Like you say though, the good news is that it has been diagnosed early and with the comforts of home.

  2. U.M.

    Very glad you caught it earlyMarie and I know how horrible it is when not caught in time.Bless you both!

  3. Joann Adams

    It’ll take more than a couple of stinking ticks to take you out of the game, Katie!
    But do make sure that you’re feeling really well before you start any of those 23-mile days!
    Love ya’!

  4. Bryan

    “…I had lyme disease. That’s why I’m so weird.”
    -Famous words of my high school librarian

    Hope you all get better.

    …and thanks for the review Joel!

    1. ALF

      Glad Katie is doing well. This is Marcy, AL’s friend (ALF) from DE. Just catching up on your blog. I really enjoy your comments at the end of each entry. I was eondering if you ever “Smell Like Teen Spirit”?

  5. Donna

    Katie-you’re in my thoughts and prayers hoping you’re feeling better already. If this was going to happen, I guess like everyone said at least you could get care fairly quickly. Joel-keep doing what you’re doing with your updates, beautiful pictures,and entertaining entries. Godspeed with your health and this magical journey!


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