Day 84 – PA 443 to PA 183

Today we slack packed again. This section was very rocky, buggy, and muggy. Not exactly ideal or fun conditions for hiking. It was a bit of a slog at times.

We did have a nice overlook right before crossing PA 501 at the Kimmel Lookout. This is a cool spot that’s super easy to get to from 501.

Kimmel Lookout

Kimmel Lookout

The rest of the trail from 501 almost all the way through to PA route 183 (over 9 miles) is insanely rocky. It ranged from large boulders down to many thousands of small foot destroyers. My feet hurt. My toes hurt. My toenails hurt. Ugh!

OK, OK, I’ll stop whining about rocks! Here’s the snake of the day!

Big black snake hanging on the trail today

Big black snake hanging on the trail today

On the positive side of things, Trippy seems to be just about back to 100%.

Tomorrow we have about 15 miles to finish up the section of trail up to Port Clinton. After that, we only need to hike the last 30 miles or so from Little Gap to the Delaware Water Gap / NJ border to finish up with PA. We’ve done the other sections either earlier in the week or earlier in March/April. Woohoo!

Vital stats:
Miles hiked today –  22.1
Mood – whiny from all the rocks, but good
Physical state – good
Smell – still fresh, still clean
Song stuck in my head – I Love Rocks ‘n Roll by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts

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