Day 85 – PA 183 to PA 61

Today we finished the trail section up to Port Clinton. No critter sightings today. The trail is fairly rocky and obnoxious through this area. We also got about 5 minutes of rain during the hike, which made all the vegetation wet and the rocks nice and slippery. PA is so much fun sometimes (just a tiny bit of sarcasm there)!

Here is what a lot of the trail looks like in this area in spots.


Brushy rocky wet trail

The descent down to Port Clinton is short but wicked steep by any standard.

Tomorrow we are heading to Little Gap near Blue Mountain Ski Area to continue the last section before New Jersey.
Vital stats:
Milestone – 1200 miles
Miles hiked today – 15.1
Mood – happy to be almost done with PA
Physical state – all is well
Smell – keeping it clean
Song stuck in my head – Livin’ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi

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