Daily Archives: June 22, 2014

Day 68 – Harper’s Ferry, WV to Pine Knob Shelter

We hit the trail this morning around 8:30. The trail went through Lower Town, the historic section of Harper’s Ferry.


Lower Town

Then we walked along the C&O canal path for a few miles. This reminded me of the D&L trail by the Lehigh river, except the Potomac is just a slight bit larger.


Turtles hanging out in the algea covered canal

We then ascended up a small climb to Weverton Cliffs. There were a lot of boy scouts, weekend backpackers and day hikers out. Many of them gave us encouragement as we climbed up, which was simultaneously amusing and very nice of them. This was probably not in the top 100 climbs we’ve had in terms of difficulty, but most of them were not aware we are thru-hikers obviously.
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