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Day 53 – Harrison Ground Spring to VA 607

We had another day of some fairly large climbs. Today the weather was definitely sweatier than it’s been of late, so that made it a bit tougher. The first climb was up Highcock Knob in the morning. That one wasn’t too bad. Then we descended down to the James River. We crossed it on the longest foot bridge on the AT, roughly a 1/4 mile long.


Crossing the river. Food awaited.


Looking at the James River

Some hikers jump in, but it looked a bit sketchy and dirty so we didn’t. Also, the YWAM group was having a hiker feed in the parking lot on the other side, so screw swimming in a dirty river when delicious hot dogs and hamburgers await. We had heard about this feed for the last couple days, so we were excited for it. We were not disappointed, as we rocked numerous dogs, burgers, sodas, and watermelon slices. Good stuff. Pretty cool of them to offer up food for all the thru-hikers in the neighborhood. Continue reading

Day 52 – Cove Mountain to Harrison Ground Spring

We started off the morning with a descent down Cove Mountain with some cool views of the morning fog and clouds down in the valleys.


Views off Cove Mountain

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