Daily Archives: June 2, 2014

Day 47 – mile 671 to near Pickle Branch Shelter

Early today we traversed through some really idyllic farmland.


Rolling pastures


Fresh cut field with trail crossing it

Really neat farmland scenery. Shortly after, we passed by the approximately 300 year old Keffer Oak.


I think it’s so super cool that a tree like this survived so much. Being around giant old trees like this give me the chills. (There is supposedly one bigger along the AT in New York.) Continue reading

Day 46 – mile 651 to mile 671

We hit the trail around 7:30am today. We passed by a “hiker feed” at a dude’s house who is simply named “The Captain”. This is something he apparently does roughly two weeks after Trail Days every year. He makes a crap-ton of free food for hikers. His house is literally right across a creek from the trail and he has a zip line to get there. Pretty badass, but it was too early in the morning for us to stop in when we got there. Anyway, I’ll come back to him. Continue reading