Daily Archives: July 25, 2014

Day 101 – Mt. Prospect to Salisbury, CT (mile 1495.7)

We took a leisurely approach to the day since we only had 4 miles to hike. We usually get up via my wristwatch alarm at 5:30 or 6:00am, but today we just slept in until the sun and birds made enough light and noise to get us moving. That ended up being near 8am, which was way later than I thought it would be, but was also really nice. The hiking was pretty easy and smooth pine forest again. We had more views of the upcoming mountains from a spot called Rand’s View.


Rand's View

The rest of the hike to town was uneventful. We road walked around a mile to town.

Salisbury is a quaint and tiny little town. It seems to have a fair amount of tourists rolling through. It kind of reminds me of a town like Lewes, Delaware, minus the beach, of course. It’s also pretty crazy expensive compared to some other trail towns. There aren’t any motels, hostels, or hotels in town, but a couple nice older ladies rent rooms to hikers. We are staying with a woman named Maria McCabe who was originally born in Germany. She’s a super cute old lady who is really nice and is hosting a childhood friend from Europe, who can’t really speak much English. Two interesting factoids that will only make sense to the Hnatow’s – her friend’s name is Stefania and Maria is like a German born clone of Mrs. Eagleton. It’s amusing to listen to them jump back and forth between a little broken English, German, and Italian. We got groceries, lunch, and iced coffees in town and spent the day doing a combination of planning for the next few weeks and straight up relaxing. Maria drove us to Lakeville to do laundry and get dinner at Mizza’s pizza, which was good stuff.

Tomorrow we head back to the trail and keep pushing northward.

Vital stats for Friday, July 25th :
Miles hiked today – 4.8
Mood – relaxed
Physical state – good, ready to keep moving forward
Smell – clean as a whistle
Song stuck in my head – Matthew James by Bad Suns