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Day 23 – Allen Gap to Devil Fork Gap

Today was another hot and summery day down here with temperatures in the 80’s. That makes it a little tougher going. Despite not having any major summits again, we had some interesting sights nonetheless. We climbed a rocky knob called Big Firescald Knob that was very reminiscent of Pennsylvania with how rocky the terrain was. It reminded me a bit of the AT section off 309 from Knife’s Edge to Bear Rocks for the AT hikers from PA.


Scramble up to Big Firescald


Yea that's the trail

The 360 views from the narrow cliff on the Knob were fantastic.


Looking down into Tennessee


North Carolina side from Knob

The other cool highlight was a spot called Bald Ridge that was about a mile or so long meadow. It generated some nostalgia/deja vu for me for being a little kid…(for those in the fam, I think maybe it kind of reminded me of a huge version of the meadows on Uncle Wal’s farm?) Whatever it was, it was super cool and yet another good surprise from this trail.


Looking back on Bald Ridge

We finished up with a little over 20 miles for the day and camped stealthily on a ridge above the trail near this gap. Tomorrow looks pretty tough and we might get some rain in the afternoon, so it should be interesting as usual.

Vital stats :
Mood – relaxed
Physical state – tired, but good
Smell – delicate hint of old mayonnaise
Song stuck in my head – Theme song from Family Matters (I don’t even know how this sort of thing happens…)

Day 22 – Hot Springs, NC to near Allen Gap

We woke up in the comfort of Elmer’s Inn and had breakfast with Elmer, Jesse (Elmer’s employee), and another thru-hiker named Firefox (or maybe Foxfire). Breakfast and the conversation was great. We headed back on the trail around 10am. The trail ascended out of Hot Springs pretty quickly.


Partial view of Hot Springs

The day was hot and summery. With our packs full of many snacks and treats, the going was a bit slower than our normal pace. We didn’t climb any crazy mountains today, but had some interesting scenery as we hiked back towards the TN/NC border. The trail wound around a cool old pond.


Mountain pond

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