Daily Archives: May 15, 2014

Day 30 – Campbell Hollow to mile 408

We had some intense rain and storms over night, but stayed dry under the tarp. The morning had some off and on showers, but wasn’t too bad for hiking. The trail was virtually empty today, probably mostly because of the weather, but also because a lot of hikers are hitching in to Damascus, VA, for the Trail Days festival this weekend. Ironically, we had lots of streams and waterfalls that we hiked past on a rainy and cool day.


Jones Falls. This would have been really nice on a super hot day


Mountaineer Falls

By early afternoon, it started to majorly downpour. We called it an early day to dry out after about 12 soggy miles. We are also slowing our pace a bit to avoid the Trail Days festival and get to Damascus on Monday, because we need to resupply and do other errands and the town supposedly gets pretty overrun during the festival. The storms are mostly supposed to blow out tonight, so looking forward to some dry hiking again tomorrow. The trail here is definitely the easiest we have encountered thus far. Continue reading