Daily Archives: August 4, 2014

Day 110 – Glastenbury Mountain to North side of Stratton Mountain (mile 1636)

I got up this cold morning and climbed back up the lookout tower and enjoyed some more spectacular morning views from Glastenbury. It was really a great place to camp, other than the annoyance of some people noisily setting up their tent near us at 9:30pm or so last night. That’s way past hiker midnight and is not cool, man.


Epic morning sun and mist over Vermont


Vermont morning sun

The rest of the day we hiked towards Stratton Mountain, the next big mountain on the trail. The trail getting there was typical Vermont, with lots of roots, rocks, and mud to hop, skip, jump, and slog through. The climb up to Stratton was longer than the climbs we’ve had of late, but wasn’t overly steep or challenging. We seem to have our climbing legs back in action, as we zipped past some high school kids and numerous other day and weekend hikers.

Stratton also had a lookout tower like Glastenbury. The views were nice, but a bit hazy. The tower was really high up and the wind was shaking it pretty hard.


Stratton pond in the foreground

We hiked another 2.5 miles or so down the mountain and found a flat stealth spot back in the woods somewhat near a footbridge and stream.

Tomorrow is a nearo day in Manchester Center. Looking forward to an afternoon off before our push to Killington later in the week.

Vital stats for Sunday, August 3rd :
Milestone – less than a “Virginia” left to Katahdin (we use Virginia’s 550 miles as a barometer for a lot of longer distances). This also means we are 3/4 done.
Miles hiked today – 18.5
Mood – good
Physical state – normal
Smell – muddy muddy beast
Song stuck in my head – From Time by Drake