Daily Archives: August 5, 2014

Day 111 – North Side of Stratton Mountain to VT 11 & 30 (mile 1647.2)

We slept in our stealth spot near the swamp last night. Easily our most stealthy spot. We woke up to some light rain, but it tapered off quickly. We broke camp and headed out towards Stratton Pond.


Stratton Pond

Most of the hiking today was flat and easy. We were between some of the bigger mountains in Vermont. We headed up towards the first major road we’ve seen since VT 9 a couple days ago. We waited for a brief time in the parking lot there for our super gracious hosts to pick us up. Trippy’s contacts from the “real” world were our trail angels today. They picked us up, let us crash at their house, do our laundry, clean our stinky selves up, borrow their car to get supplies in town, made us fabulous dinner, gave us loads of great drinks, and were just wonderful hosts overall. We couldn’t have asked for a more fantastic nearo day. Thank you guys very much!

Tomorrow we say goodbye to our awesome hosts and are back on the trail as usual. We are pushing hard the next two days to get to Killington by Thursday.

Vital stats for Monday, August 4th :
Miles hiked today – 11.2
Mood – thankful for all the generosity
Physical state – resting up
Smell – clean!
Song stuck in my head – In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth : 3 by Coheed and Cambria