Daily Archives: August 7, 2014

Day 114 – near Killington Peak to VT 100 (mile 1700.3)

We got a bit of late rain last night. Somewhere around 3 or 4am it unexpectedly started, so I went out and pulled our junk under the tarp. It must have been in the high 30’s, because it was super cold. In addition, we woke up and discovered these holes in our net tent (net insert that goes under the tarp to keep bugs from destroying us at night) and one of our food bags (the pink thing in the foreground).


Curse you, rodents!

We descended off of Killington under very misty and cloudy conditions, so we had no views unfortunately. We hiked down and split from the Long Trail after ~105 miles. The AT now splits east towards New Hampshire and the Long Trail heads due north to the Canadian border.


Off towards Maine we go


Adios, Long Trail

We finished our nearo today by hiking through Gifford State Park. Mom and Dad Hnatow picked us up shortly after at the trailhead and the rest of the day was spent chilling with them. It was excellent.

Vital stats for Thursday, August 7th :
Milestone – 1700 miles down
Miles hiked today – 10.7
Mood – awesome
Physical state – resting up
Smell – Hiltonerific
Song stuck in my head – Pompeii by Bastille